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You're in a tavern in the woods, but there is a necromorph hungry for your meat. Find the necromorph, or get eaten alive.

Guillotine The Necromorph is a multiplayer game of lying and deceit, with a pinch of survival.

It can be played with 4-12 players.

Necromorphs have to kill people to satisfy their hunger.
Humans have to find food in the forest. Food growing plants are scattered in the forest, but most of them are located around the giant vines.

The game round has 3 phases:
Gather - Time to run around the forest, grabbing food.
Discuss - The deadly fog starts to rise up. Time to come back to the tavern and discuss.
Vote - Vote a player to get guillotined.

There are many different features I'd like to add. Different weapons, different monsters / human roles, craftable items, animals to hunt/get hunted by in the forest. It all depends on your interest on the game. If you'd like new content added, support the game on patreon! Share it with your friends!

WASD - movement
V - voice chat
Enter - open text chat

The game is in development, expect bugs.

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